Time passes. Listen. Time passes. Come closer now.
A story is soon to be told. A story about life itself, about what mankind is all about: love, passion, laughters, tears, mistery and… death. Llaregub is a small town somewhere near the sea, its inhabitants, with their own qualities and faults, will tell us their stories. We will listen to and play with them. This theatre course in English will provide participants with the basics of acting – voice, sound and movement, physical ensemble work – and will aim at staging Under Milk Wood, the least famous work by Dylan Thomas published in 1954, just before the death of the famous Welsh playwright.

Valentina Milan

martedì 20:30 – 22:30

Inizio del corso martedì 28 settembre presso Hangar Teatri in via L. Pecenco, 10.

Prima dell’effettiva iscrizione è prevista una lezione gratuita di prova.

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lunedì – venerdì dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 13:00 (chiuso festivi)

Info: | +39 388 3980768

Il corso è organizzato in collaborazione con il Teatro degli Sterpi.